About Us

Hello everyone,

I am so delighted for having you visited MBSACTIVITYROOM and that you’ve shown interest to read about us.


I am Nurdan originally from Turkey but have been living in Finland since 2015. Normally I am a translator but haven’t been working since I got married. I studied English, Russian, Chinese and recently Finnish language. I am sooo interested in handicrafts and arts, love nature and most importantly every second that I spend with my family 🖤.

My first son, Mustafa Bera (MB), is the source of the inspiration of MB’S ACTIVITY ROOM. He brought love, peace and joy to our home in Beijing in 2014. When MB was 10 months old we moved to Espoo, Finland and been living there since then. The greatest entertainment of MB has been zoo touring. He visited China, Hongkong, Thailand, Germany, Hungary, Finland and his motherland Turkey.

My second son, Ömer Taha, is born in Finland in 2018. He loves doing everything himself 😍. He does love playing with his big brother and for sure learns a lot from him.

Let me briefly explain you the purpose of establishment of this site.

The purpose of our site, being completely ‘FAMILY-FRIENDLY’, is to enable everyone to facilitate themselves with ACTIVITIES AND INFORMATIONS THAT WILL HELP CHILDREN AND PARENTS TO HAVE QUALITY TIME TOGETHER. Because in my opinion quality time activities are what make parents and the children united.

Very welcome to our site. Please feel free to ask for more info and do not hesitate to provide your valuable feedback.