Felt Envelopes

These envelopes are so special for us. 2020 has been quite difficult for everyone who stayed behind the doors for long time, especially for the kids who spread love all over the world. We prepared this felt envelopes to send our loves to our friends occasionally. Because everyone needs affection, friendship and peace now more than ever. Some of them has already reached to our friends and some has been waiting in the mail box for the receivers.
✉They are great for special days, too. With a short message you can add some stickers or a small gift in it. I am sure that there will be a big smile on receiver’s face when they get it. Sewing is really too much fun. Give your kid a chance for it. ♥️

You will need: *Colorful Felts *Yarn *Needle *Googly Eyes *Glue *Beads/Split Pins(optional)

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