Mushroom Sudoku

Sudoku is great for all ages. If you are a beginner, you can try 3*3 sudoku with your kid just to understand its logic. For sure, you can choose your own theme. It might be space theme, shapes, animals, flowers and too many options you can find. Our previous theme was bugs. This time I prepared an easier one for my 4 yo boy. It is mushroom themed sudoku, because I made this in autumn 2022 while it was mushroom picking season. After a 3*3 sudoku, next level can be 4*4 and for bigger kids it can be even harder. Starting directly with numbers might be boring and seems more difficult to kids, adding visuals always make it more fun.

You will need: *Cardboard *Crafting knife or scissor *Coloring pens ( I used felt-tip pens)

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